Canada : WEST-ML Innovation Inc. has officially joined the PDAC

Quebec, May 26, 2023 / WEST-ML Innovation has officially joined the PDAC community, bringing it closer to the leaders in mining sector. 

Canada, a leading pioneer in the mineral sector, is a country with a proven track record. This position is reflected in the fact that the country is home to a variety of mining associations, including the PDAC. Based in Toronto, the PDAC is a trusted representative of the sector, bringing together and facilitating networking between mining and non-mining companies and individuals to promote best practices in technical, operational, environmental, safety and social performance.

For the startup WEST-ML Innovation, this strategic choice will enable it to benefit from the different areas of expertise of the Association's members, from the advantages of the PDAC and to improve its services in mining innovation. "This modest step marks the beginning of the social and economic targets to which we are committed, with the aim of contributing to the evolution of responsible practices in the mining sector for the sustainable growth of the countries and organizations we support", asserts the founder CEO, Mr. Youmandia Ben Rachid MANLI.

The WEST-ML team is delighted to be part of the PDAC Corporate Directory..

About the PDAC           

The Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) is the leading voice of the mineral exploration and development community, an industry that employs more than 664,000 individuals, and contributed $132 billion to Canada's GDP in 2021. Currently representing over 7,000 members around the world, PDAC's work centers on supporting a competitive, responsible, and sustainable mineral sector.

The annual PDAC Convention is regarded as the premier international event for the mineral industry and attracts more than 25,000 people from over 125 countries.

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About WEST-ML Innovation

Established in 2023, WEST-ML Innovation is a consulting firm in governance & strategy, mining innovation services, information technology, biomedical services. Present in Canada and Burkina Faso, we assist our clients with a range of general services by improving their business plans and business processes in West Africa, Canada and Australia.


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